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How to Install DokuWiki on a LAMP Server @en:blog:tutorials:linux
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an Apache configuration file for DokuWiki. Open a new configuration file using your favorite text edito... s.log combined </VirtualHost> </code> Enable the new site and restart Apache: <code bash> sudo a2ensi
How to prevent user from signing into a Microsoft Account on Windows 11 @en:blog:tutorials:windows
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ght-click the System Key in the left pane, expand New from the context menu, and then click **DWORD (32-bit) Value**. - Name the new DWORD "**NoConnectedUser**" - Double-click the
Writr @en:blog:projects:themes:dokuwiki
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many DokuWiki Plugins (See list below) * BETA: [NEW] Toolbar available in the template configuration ... [[|Add New Page]] | {{icon>check}} | {{icon>check}} | Styled
How to skip the network setup during the initial setup of Windows 11 @en:blog:tutorials:windows
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e initial setup of Windows 11 ====== Setting up a new Windows 11 computer is an exciting process, but n
How to Uninstall Windows Store on Windows 11 @en:blog:tutorials:windows
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e of Windows 11, users have experienced a host of new features and a revamped interface. However, not a