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Writr @en:blog:projects:themes:dokuwiki
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* Personalize using template's configurations * Support for Bootstrap Icons * Support for many DokuWiki Plugins (See list below) * BETA: [NEW] Toolbar availab...|Comment Syntax support]] | {{icon>check}} | {{icon>xmark}} | | | [[https... tenance is required by the plugin author to fully support PHP8. You may see some PHP Warning if your server
About @en
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omputing from 2008 to 2020 (Website and Technical Support) * Studied at CDI College (AEC - Network Admini... ation in the development of a web application for support tickets for Bureau En Gros * Participation in t
À Propos @fr
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au dévelopment d'une application web de ticket de support pour Bureau En Gros * Participation au dévelopm
The Hidden Dangers in Your Email: File Types to Avoid for Cybersecurity @en:blog:security
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de. Always be cautious with Office documents that support macros. * **Compressed Files (.zip, .rar, .7z)*
Writr @fr:blog:projects:themes:dokuwiki
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| [[|Support de syntaxe de commentaire]] | {{icon>check}} | {{