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How to Install DokuWiki on a LAMP Server @en:blog:tutorials:linux
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okuWiki's official website to download the latest version. You can use `wget` with the link to the tar.gz f... sh> tar xvf dokuwiki-stable.tgz sudo mv dokuwiki-<version> /var/www/html/dokuwiki </code> Replace `<version>` with the actual version number of the downloaded file. ===== Step 3: Setting Permissions ===== To ensur
Comment installer DokuWiki sur un serveur LAMP @fr:blog:tutorials:linux
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officiel de DokuWiki pour télécharger la dernière version. Vous pouvez utiliser `wget` avec le lien vers le... sh> tar xvf dokuwiki-stable.tgz sudo mv dokuwiki-<version> /var/www/html/dokuwiki </code> Remplacez `<version>` par le numéro de version réel du fichier téléchargé. ===== Étape 3 : Définir les permissions ===== Pour
DokuWiki @wiki
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rg/licenses/gpl.html|GNU General Public License]] Version 2. If you use DokuWiki in your company, consider
Formatting Syntax @wiki
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:DokuWiki]] will generally try to supply a cached version of a page, obviously this is inappropriate when t
Writr @fr:blog:projects:themes:dokuwiki
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_content_width__%%'' dans le style.ini. Depuis la version DokuWiki 2015-08-10 “Detritus”, vous pouvez le fa
Writr @en:blog:projects:themes:dokuwiki:writr
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h__%%'' variable in the style.ini. Since DokuWiki version 2015-08-10 “Detritus” you can do that more easily