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How to Uninstall Windows Store on Windows 11

With the release of Windows 11, users have experienced a host of new features and a revamped interface. However, not all components may be necessary for everyone. The Windows Store, while a useful portal for apps and updates, may be something you wish to remove, especially if you're looking for a more streamlined or controlled software environment. Whether for personal preference, to reduce resource usage, or for a corporate setup, uninstalling the Windows Store can be done swiftly using PowerShell. This guide will walk you through the steps to remove the Windows Store from your Windows 11 system.


  1. Run Powershell
  2. Execute
    Get-appxpackage *WindowsStore* | Remove-AppxPackage
  3. Execute
    Get-appxpackage -allusers *WindowsStore* | Remove-AppxPackage -allusers


Uninstalling the Windows Store from Windows 11 can help simplify your system and may even improve performance by reducing background activity. Whether you're an IT professional managing multiple machines or a home user looking to customize your OS, the steps outlined above will assist you in removing the Windows Store efficiently. Remember that this action might limit access to certain apps exclusively available through the store, so ensure that this aligns with your or your organization's software needs.



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